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To ensure that your central air conditioning system is both reliable and operating at peak efficiency you need to have it maintained properly. Don’t wait until something is wrong! Rather depend on us to schedule an air conditioning tune-up before summer's arrival. RJ’s Heating, Cooling, & Water Heaters has decades of experience providing air conditioning repair and maintenance services for Cook County, IL homeowners and businesses. Our factory trained and EPA certified team of air conditioning specialists can take care of your air conditioning tune-up and maintenance needs!

AC repair service - call RJ's to schedule your air conditioner repair today.
AC repair service - call RJ's to schedule your air conditioner repair today.
AC repair service - call RJ's to schedule your air conditioner repair today.
AC maintenance is a call away with RJ's!

Air Conditioning Tune-Ups

Regular tune-ups reduce repair costs over time and help extend equipment life. In addition, properly cleaning the filters and coils will ensure that you're getting the highest possible efficiency from your system. While the specific steps vary based on the exact type and age of your AC system, a typical AC tune-up includes:

  • Initial Inspections:
    • Inspect the entire system inside and out
    • Test air conditioning operation prior to service and document aIL specific service issues observed.
  • Outdoor Unit Checks:
    • Inspect the refrigerant lines and refrigerant line insulation. Make sure the refrigerant lines are properly protected and secure.
    • Ensure the outdoor unit is level and draining properly.
    • Inspect the outdoor unit coil for damage or anything that might obstruct proper airflow and clean as necessary.
    • Examine the outdoor blower motor and fan. Clean as necessary. Make sure the fan is balanced and rotating smoothly and free of vibrations.
    • Check to outdoor safety disconnect.
    • Check the outdoor unit capacitor, contactor and other controls for discoloration or indications of damage.
  • Indoor System Checks:
    • If the indoor unit has a disposable filter, replace it with a new one. Inspect and clean any ducted indoor air cleaning systems.
    • Inspect the indoor coil for dirt or debris and clean as necessary.
    • Examine the indoor blower motor and blower wheel. Clean as necessary.
    • Check the condensate lines and or the condensate pump.
    • Lubricate all motors and bearings as necessary.
    • Check the thermostat(s). If the thermostat has batteries, replace them with new ones.
  • Complete System Run Test:
    • Start the system and fully test thermostat operation.
    • Run the system for several minutes. Check the temperature drop across the indoor coil and check the system amperage.
    • Check the temperature drop across the indoor coil for proper operation.
  • Clean-up and Summery:
    • Clean-up: We'll pick-up our tools, remove aIL old filters, and thoroughly clean our workspace.
    • Visit Report: We'll explain our work and document aIL potential problems or recommended repairs.

With our Honesty & Upfront Pricing - No Surprise Promise, we'll alway quote the cost over our services in advance, and never charge you more than quoted!

RJ's Comfort Club

Professionally maintaining your heating and air conditioning system can help save money by consistently taking steps to keep your heating air conditioning systems running smoothly. RJ's Comfort Club takes the worry out of our Chicagoland summers! Join today to ensure trouble-free comfort for your home or business. A well-maintained HVAC system will run more efficiently, consuming less energy and extending the life of your system while keeping your manufacturer's warranty up-to-date.

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AC maintenance is a call away with RJ's!

New Air Conditioning Installations

If your air conditioning system is more than 12 years old and needs significant or costly repairs, we'll let you know, and may also suggest upgrading to a new and efficient Armstrong air conditioning system.

About RJ's Heating, Cooling, & Water Heaters

We are family owned and operated by Chicago native Ronnie Selinko.

RJ's has earned Armstrong Comfort Team status. This reflects our long term commitment to technology, training, and customer service.

All of our air conditioning technicians are EPA Certified.

All of our heating technicians are licensed and insured. We have decades of experience meeting the unique challenges posed by our Cook County summers.

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