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RJ’s Heating, Cooling, & Water Heaters takes the worry out of heating season with our Comfort Club. All gas furnace manufacturers strongly recommend annual maintenance to ensure safe and reliable furnace operation, and to prolonged the life our your equipment. Don’t wait until the peak of summer or winter to discover your system is malfunctioning! Call us today to schedule your preventive maintenance system check.

Our Armstrong factory trained, licensed, and insured service technicians guarantee on time, done right and priced right gas furnace service. Regardless of the year, make and model of heating system, you can trust us to provide you timely furnace tune-up service.

Furnace repair service - call RJ's to schedule your furnace repair today.
Furnace repair service - call RJ's to schedule your furnace repair today.
Furnace repair service - call RJ's to schedule your furnace repair today.
Furnace maintenance is a call away with RJ's!

Typical gas furnace tune-up include

For a one-time tune-up, or as a member of our Comfort Club, furnace maintenance steps will vary a bit based on the age and technology of your furnace but but will typically include:

  • Inspection: On arrival, we'll carefully inspect your gas furnace carefully note its condition.
  • Cleaning: If you have a replaceable furnace filter we'll change it. If you have an electronic air cleaner or other IAQ systems we'll inspect it and clean the airstream components as needed. We'll also clean the furnace blower and control compartment.
  • Lubrication: We'll lubricate any moving parts that require lubrication like motors, bearings, or fans to reduce friction and prevent noise.
  • Check Ignition System: We'll inspect the pilot light assembly or ignition system and clean as necessary.
  • Gas Pressure and Burner: Verify proper gas pressure and inspect burners and clean if needed.
  • Blower: We'll inspect and clean the air blower as needed. We'll measure the amperage and voltage for the fan motor to ensure it is in great condition.
  • Heat Exchanger: Inspect gas furnace heat exchanger for cracks, soot, and corrosion. Clean if needed.
  • Venting System: Inspect the flues and ventilation system to ensure proper operation. If you have a condensing furnace, we'll check the condensation drains and any condensation pumps.
  • Ductwork: Check ductwork for loose joints or hangers, and seal with mastic duct sealant as needed.
  • Thermostats and Controls: We'll check you thermostats for proper operation. If they utilize batteries for power, we'll change the batteries.
  • Complete After Maintenance System Test: We'll test run your gas furnace for several minutes. We'll check for proper temperature rise, blower operation, and burner operation.
  • Clean-up: We'll pick-up our tools, remove any old filters, and thoroughly clean our workspace.
  • Prepare Visit Report: We'll explain our work and document any potential problems or recommended repairs.

With our experience, we'll provide the best furnace tune-up solutions for both residential and commercial applications. We'll make sure you're ready for efficient, safe, and reliable heating performance all winter long. With our satisfaction guarantee, you never have to worry that the service you receive will be less than the best.

Join Our Comfort Club

For complete peace of mind, join the Comfort Club!

We will contact you every fall (and spring for a furnace with central AC) to schedule your tune-up at a time that works for you, so you never have to worry about forgetting to get it done before the seasonal Chicago weather arrives. Annual membership benefits include:

  • Furnace or boiler tune-up in the fall to prepare for the cold winter weather.
  • AC tune-up in the spring to prepare for the hot summer weather.
  • Comfort club members have a discounted service call of $60 with savings of $90 dollars.
  • 10% off any service throughout the year.
  • Annual membership starts at $109 for HVAC systems including one furnace and one A/C condenser. Call us to discuss rates for homes or businesses with more than one system.
Heating services are a call away with RJ's Heating, Cooling & Water Heaters!

Emergency Furnace Repairs

If the worst happens and you gas furnace stops working on a cold winter day, call use day or night. We offer 24 / 7 emergency heating repairs.

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About RJ's Heating, Cooling, & Water Heaters

We are family owned and operated by Chicago native Ronnie Selinko.

RJ's has earned Armstrong Comfort Team status. This reflects our long term commitment to technology, training, and customer service.

All of our heating technicians are licensed and insured. We have decades of experience meeting the unique challenges posed by our Cook County winters.

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