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As recently as a decade ago, air source heat pumps were considered as ineffective in a cold climate like here in Metro Chicago. Lead by industry leading Mitsubishi, heat pump systems are now a great choice for Barrington and Cook County, IL home and businesses for any season. Mitsubishi ductless mini split heat pumps are extremely efficient, flexible, and comfortable.

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Ductless installation and replacement

RJ’s Heating, Cooling, & Water Heaters proudly features Mitsubishi mini split heat pump systems. They offer a solution to fit virtually any space. No ductwork makes installation quick, cost-effective and minimally disruptive.

They are available in the following broad categories:

  • Single or Multi-zone: One indoor unit pair with a single outdoor unit, or up to 8 indoor units integrated with a single outdoor unit.
  • Heat Pump, or Air Conditioning Only: Single zone systems are available in AC only models. Heat pump systems are available in a broad range of configurations and efficiencies.
  • Indoor Unit Choices:
    • Ductless wall units: typically mount high on an interior wall.
    • Recessed Ceiling Cassettes and Ceiling Suspended: Sleek and modern ceiling-mounted options include EZ FIT® recessed ceiling-cassettes that fit between standard joists, 4-way recessed ceiling cassettes, and ceiling-suspended units.
    • Floor Mounted: Wall mounted at floor level with multi-flow vanes for rapid warm-up.
    • Ducted systems: Compact horizontal ducted, or multi-position air handlers.
  • Standard Heat Pumps or Cold Weather Hyper-Heat Models:
    • Standard heat pump systems offer balanced heating and cooling. Common heating performance with 100% of the rated capacities to 5°F
    • HyperHeat offers 100% capacity to -5°F and 76% capacity and efficiency to -13°F. In many applications, even here on the northwestern side of Chicago, require no back-up or supplemental heating systems.
  • Smart Controls: Available Kumo Cloud Wi-Fi® connectivity lets homeowners adjust settings from their smartphones.

Mitsubishi System Match-ups

  • Simple Single Zone Systems: One indoor unit pared with a matching outdoor unit.
    • Available in AC only or heat pump systems for year around comfort.
    • 6.0 - 42.0 MBtuH capacity single zone heat pumps
    • Up to 33.1 SEER cooling efficiency
    • Up to 13.5 HSPF heating Efficiency
    • Hyper-Heating or standard heat pump systems
  • 2 TO 5 Zone Multi-pipe Systems: One outdoor unit with from 2 to 5 indoor units, each with its own lineset to the outdoor unit.
    • 20.0 - 42.0 MBtuH capacity multi zone heat pump outdoor unit capacities
    • Indoor connected capacity up to 100% of outdoor unit capacity
    • Up to 20.0 SEER cooling efficiency
    • Up to 11.0 HSPF heating Efficiency
    • Hyper-Heating or standard heat pump systems
  • Multi-Zone Two-pipe Heat Pumps with Branch Boxes: Outdoor unit paired with 2-pipe distribution "branch boxes", each serving 2 - 5 indoor units. Maximum of 8 indoor units paired with a single outdoor unit.
    • 36.0, 42.0, 48.0, and 60.0 MBtuH capacity multi zone heat pump outdoor unit capacities
    • From 2 to 8 indoor units with a single outdoor unit
    • Indoor connected capacity up to 130% of outdoor unit capacity
    • Up to 20.0 SEER cooling efficiency
    • Up to 11.5 HSPF heating Efficiency
    • Hyper-Heating or standard heat pump systems
    • Heating capacity to -13°F

RJ's Comfort Club

RJ's Comfort Club takes the worry out of heating and cooling! Join today to ensure trouble-free comfort for your home or business. A well-maintained mini split heat pump system will run more efficiently, consuming less energy and extending the life of your system while keeping your manufacturer's warranty up-to-date.

Comfort Club details

24 / 7 Ductless Mini Split Repair Service

If you're having trouble with your existing mini split heat pump system, RJ's services has invested in the training necessary to professional repair and maintain mini split heat pumps regardless of brand. For more details click here for more information.

About RJ's Heating, Cooling, & Water Heaters

We are family owned and operated by Chicago native Ronnie Selinko.

RJ's is a Mitsubishi Ductless heat pump dealer. This reflects our long term commitment to technology, training, and customer service.

All of our air conditioning technicians are EPA Certified.

All of our HVAC technicians are licensed and insured. We have decades of experience meeting the unique challenges posed by our Cook County weather.

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