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RJ’s Heating, Cooling, & Water Heaters has decades of experience providing a full range of domestic water heating services for Barrington, IL homeowners and businesses. Tankless water heaters are now increasingly popular though-out the Metro Chicago area. We feature Navien tankless water heaters.

Navien Tankless Water Heaters

Navien Premium Efficiency condensing tankless water heaters are the #1 selling high efficiency condensing tankless water heaters in North America. to keep your utility bills low, endless hot water so you never have a cold shower, and exclusive ComfortFlow® technology with built in recirculation that eliminates any cold water sandwich.

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  • Endless Hot Water: Unlike tank-type water heaters, gas fired tankless water heaters provide hot water as it is needed. When a hot water tap is turned on, a sensor detects the water flow and activates the tankless heater, which quickly raises the water temperature to a preset level.
  • Efficiency: The NPE series offers industry leading efficiency up to 0.97 UEF (Uniform Energy Factor) compared to ratings of less than 0.60 for common gas fired tanks. This represents a very significant improvement in energy efficiency for tankless water heater owners that can add up to hundreds of dollars in savings each year.
  • Space Saving: Tankless water heaters are wall mounted and they take up virtually no interior floor space.
  • Longer Service Life: Because tankless heaters do not store water, they are less subject to corrosion than tank-type heaters. As a result, their expected equipment life is typically 20 years or more, compared with 10 - 15 years for traditional tank water heaters.
  • Leading Edge Safety: Tankless water heaters are sealed combustion. They draw combustion air from outdoor, and have low temperature sidewall or rook venting.
  • Exclusive ComfortFlow® Technology: Built in recirculation that eliminates any cold water sandwich on select Navien systems.
  • EnergyStar: All NPE model Navien® tankless models are EnergyStar Qualified.
  • WiFi Enabled: NaviLink™ Wi-Fi remote control system gives you optional control anywhere you have internet access.

If you curious to know if a tankless water heater is the right option for your home or business conntact us. Our factory trained tankless technicians will evaluate you home and your hot water needs water to help you decide Navien® tankless is right for you.

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RJ's offers tankless water heater repair service regardless of brand. Our licensed and factory trained service techs have the experience to help.

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RJ's offers traditional water heater installation and repair services. Click here for more information.

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